Over the last year I have little by little, walked around the entire edge of Wales. My plan at the start was to do it at once, but this was not to be; there were other things to do, I missed Rob, and anyhow I was running out of light and money and biscuits.

The trackIt was a journey that traversed wild and beautiful land. There was rocky coast and silver cloud and ravaged sand, I slept on moors and hills and dunes. I watched the seasons change, and now the mountain ash berries are scarlet again it’s time to finish.

My last day was a little blurred on account of the mist and an accidental but entirely appropriate last night in the Friendship Inn. So it was with gentle hallowed steps I approached home where Rob was waiting with love and light and chicken surprise.

I had mostly walked alone, but Rob came out to join me at weekends. ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely if all these sheep had bells?’ I said to him once, somewhere on Offas Dyke in the spring. ‘It would be better if they all had electric guitars’ he replied. It’s true.